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We celebrate the following Charter Members of the Petersburg Rotary Club which was chartered on May 29th, 1941 with the following 24 local businessmen:

Dr. Edgar I. Baggen
Dr. T. W. Benson
Carroll Clausen
Lester E. Elkins
Charles A. Greenaa
John Halvorsen
Bue Hentze
Rev. Thos Knudson
Justin N. Lind
Arnold Lindstrom
Ed Locken
Jos. F. MacKechnje
Richard Miller
Frederick Nelson
Earl N. Ohmer
Dave Ohmer
Ceo S. Schwanrn
Robert Summers
Carl E. Swanson
Lloyd T. Swanson
Knut Thompson
Kenneth Welde
Uley V. White
Lester Wingard

The first Board of Directors listed the following members:

Uley V. White, Pres.

Ed Locken, VPP

Lester Wingard, Sec

Dr. T. W. Benson

Lester E. Elkins

Carroll Clausen