Posted by Chandra Thornburg on Mar 05, 2018
Meet Cole! 
Cole Mitchell, a native of Juneau, has been proudly selected by the Petersburg Rotary for the 2018-2019 Youth Exchange year. We met Cole in January at the Winter Orientation and Country picking conference. Cole applied as an exchange student for a Juneau club and was accepted as an alternate. Our club was very happy to be able to pick Cole up and sponsor him for his year abroad in Puebla Mexico. He leaves in August to start his year of exciting adventures. 
Last week, he came to visit us here in Petersburg and to attend the weekend SE YE Spring orientation. At our meeting he shared with us that he loves theater, acting, playing the piano, and has experience in speaking Russian. He even played a beautiful piece of music on the piano. 
His positive spirit and hard working attitude showed us all that he will be a success on his exchange. Cole has been diligently planning by using Duo Lingo every day after school, and it shows in his language skill sets. After meeting a native Spanish speaker, Eunice Isrealson, she commented that Cole will definitely be ready by the time August hits. 
While here, he was able to go snow shoeing for his first time ever, at Blind River Rapids, and enjoyed every minute of it. He jumped, walked backwards, ran, and enjoyed the sunny day. 
We are excited to have Cole as part of our ambassadorial team and look forward to hearing from his adventures in the future!!