Posted by Chandra Thornburg on Mar 05, 2018
Thank you to all of the Rotarians who came out to make this past weekend a success for the 15 outbounds and rebounds of South East Alaska! 
Your efforts in preparing foods, organizing activities, presenting program materials, and being with the kids truly makes a difference!! 
David Berg (SE Area Coordinator), Debbie Bushnell (Outbound Coordinator), Jamie Letterman (Inbound Coordinator), and muliplte Youth Exchange Officers spent the weekend providing a jam packed learning session for our inspiring kids. This weekend was focused on teaching our upcoming out going exchange students what to expect, and how to be true ambassadors of Rotary and the United States.  
Our hearts are full with appreciation and the dedication that everyone has shown this weekend! 
Thank you to the Petersburg High School, Petersburg Community Center, and the Lutheran Church for providing learning space, over night space, and fun opportunities!! 
Extra shout out to the Chefs of the Weekend: 
Nancy Murrison
Karen Dillman
Hammer & Wikan (John Mason & Crew)
Bennett McGrath 
Rick Braun
Thank you to Eunice Isrealson for setting time aside to help some of our students review the dialect and learn the Spanish speaking language.